Backup Exec: Exchange Incremental Backup Issue: Circular Logging Enabled – KB10391860


Description:  Exchange Incremental backup jobs are failing due to circular logging being enabled. Circular Logging will be enabled if the drive is low on disk space (about 10% or less)

Common customer description: What causes this issue?

How do you fix this issue?

Probing questions: Do you know the reason for circular logging being enabled?

Steps to isolate: Check disk space – if the disk space is low (about 10% or less), that could explain why it’s enabled

Steps to resolve:

1. Connect to the server

2. We need check to see where the exchange database is located on. Also check the disk to see how low it is.

  • Go to the Exchange Management Console (located on the Exchange server or the SBS server)
  • To locate the database, on the left pane, go to Microsoft Exchange On-Premises>>Organization Configuration>>Mailbox


  • Right-Click on the Mailbox Database and click on Properties


  • On the General Tab, it will shows the database path. Make a note of which drive the database is located on. In this case, it’s the E:

Database path

3. In order to know if you should disable it or leave it be can be tricky. Consult your backup solution and make sure you can enable it.


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