What does the Folder.cfg and Changer.cfg do for Backup Exec? – KB10392382


Description:  There are two configuration files (Folder.cfg and Changer.cfg) where the backups are located, what are they?

Common customer description: Do I need these files? Can I remove them? Can I move these files?

Steps to resolve:

When you create a Backup-to-Disk folder, Backup Exec will create these two configuration files called Folder.cfg and Changer.cfg that help Backup Exec run the backup job complete.

What are they? Do I need them?

The .cfg are files that tell Backup Exec the folder and path of where to backup and information about the backup device, which you need in order for the jobs to successfully complete.

Folder.cfg = tells Backup Exec the location of the backup

Changer.cfg = tells Backup Exec the device information (what the model and serial number is, how big the drive is etc…)

Can I remove these files anytime?

Technically no, you cannot remove these files unless they are not going to be using the drive or program anymore.

What if I purchased a new drive, can I move these files to the new drive?

No, because those cfg files are for the old backup location and cannot work for the new location. Example: Drive 1 is the oldest drive and Drive 2 is the newest drive. If you move the .cfg from the oldest (Drive 1) to the newest (Drive 2,) Backup Exec will look for Drive 1 since the configuration files are for that drive not Drive 2.

When you create a new backup-to-disk to the new location, Backup Exec will configure the new storage device with the necessary .cfg files that it needs to operate successfully.

I believe my .cfg files are corrupted, what should I do?

Don’t panic, there are simple steps that you can take.

1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the location of the Backup-to-Disk folder and rename the existing changer.cfg and folder.cfg files

2. Try to run any operation on the Backup-to-Disk folder, like an inventory or a backup job. The job will fail with an error message stating that the Backup-to-Disk device is offline, but will create new configuration files for the Backup-to-Disk folder.

3. Restart the Backup Exec Services

If this still doesn’t work, create a new backup-to-disk folder (call it something different, example, you have a folder called B2D. You cannot create a new folder called the same thing so make the new folder called B2D1)

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