Windows VPN PPTP Setup KB1039263


Windows VPN Settings

Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > choose “Setup a new connection or network”


Then choose “Connect to a workplace”


You may be prompted to use a connection that you already have. Choose “No, create a new connection”
Next you need to choose “Use my internet connection (VPN)”

Now you will need to enter the Internet Address. In our case it is, and check the box at the bottom “Don’t connect now, just set it up so I can connect later”


You will then be prompted for a Username/Password/Domain. We can just leave these blank for the time being. Click “Create”
Locate the VPN we just created under Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing > Look in the top left for “Change adapter settings”


Now find the VPN you just created. Right click on the VPN and create a shortcut ( will be placed on the desktop)


Locate your VPN icon on the desktop and double click it.


Fill out the username, password ( these are the same credentials the users would use to log into their desktops) and the domain.


Then choose Properties on that window. On the top of the properties box you will have a couple tabs. Choose the “Security” tab and make sure the Type of VPN: Is Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.


That is all you will have to do to configure the VPN on a new workstation. BUT we still need to give the new user rights to access the network remotely.
To give a user rights to use the VPN log into the SR2k8 Server with admin rights and open Active Directory Users and Computers. ( Start menu -> Administrative tools)
Expand SRWeidema.local, then expand “My Business”, expand “Users”, then expand “SBSUSERS” and locate the user we want to allow VPN rights and double click their name.


This will open the Properties for that user. Under the properties menu you need to select the “Dial In” tab and check “Allow access”


That is it! The user Paul Carter now has access to use our VPN with his credentials.

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