MAC Sonicwall SSL Setup KB1039278


Mac Sonicwall SSL

1. Find the information to connect

2. Install the client.
a. With some setups, you can go to a website in a browser, login with network username/password, and download the client. This will automatically set up the client for connection. Skip to step 4.
b. Client can be found in the App Store under Sonicwall Mobile Connect. It is free to download.

3. Creating a new connection
a. Open Sonicwall NetExtender client.
b. Click Add Connection.
c. Enter the display name of the connection.
d. Enter the Public IP or fully qualified domain name. Click Next.
e. Enter username/password.
f. Enter domain name. Click Save.


4. Attempt connection.
a. Click Connect.
b. You should now be connected. Depending on how the client would like to use their VPN, we may need to set up an RDP connection, mapped drives, Outlook, etc.

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