Cannot send or receive email – Exchange – Low Disc space KB103929


Issue:  Cannot send or Receive Email – Low drive space on server

Common customer description:

We have not received email since yesterday

A customer emailed me, and I didn’t get the email.

Email messages are coming in delayed.

We can’t send email.

Probing questions:

When did this start to happen? Is it just you or everyone in the office? Have you tried accessing email on another computer or cell phone?

Can you access the internet?

Are you getting any bounce backs?

If you find email is down for everyone and they do not have exchange monitoring on contract this is now billable work, and needs to be approved by main contact. If main contact is not available ask a Tier 2 for instructions.

Steps to isolate:  Connect to users computer check to see if outlook is connected to exchange send test messages to yourself from yourself. This tests outgoing and incoming mail flow.

Look over bounce backs if any are available. Read closely for details of the issue.

Check to see if email is hosted onsite on their exchange server or if it is through a 3rd party.

Log into OWA and send test messages if you do not receive any login to server.  If no messages, log in to the server and check the drive space on the C: drive and also the drive with the exchange database.

If you confirm c: space is low this is more than likely what the problem is. If drive space is normal you would need to continue troubleshooting.

Steps to resolve:

Use basic space clearing steps.

Use Tree size utility. Look for log files or databases that could be moved. Escalate to Tier 2 if needed.

Additional considerations:  If the problem cannot be isolated within 15 minutes ask a team lead.

Drive c: needs 10 GB of free space (recommended).

The drive with the database needs to have 10% free space as well.

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