New user setup on an Active Directory domain – Procedural KB103986


Description:  New user setup on an Active Directory domain (Procedural)

Common customer description:  “I have a new user starting and we need to have a login for them.”

“I need to have a new user setup.”

Probing questions:  Get approval from main contact if account requires admin/domain admin permissions.

Is there anyone we can copy with the same or similar permissions?

What password for the account?

Any rules for the password? (does it expire, user cannot change password, etc)

Are there any groups that they need to be a part of?

How do you spell their name?

What is the account name going to be? (i.e. firstinitial.lastname, firstname.lastname, etc)

Do they need an email address?

What is the email address?

Verify this is for a domain account.

Steps to resolve:

Go to Start -> Run -> dsa.msc.

If a user can be copied, right click on domain.local (the 3 computers icon) -> find -> type name -> enter.

Right click on user name -> copy.


Also in Active Directory (dsa.msc), Find location of user accounts (i.e. Active Directory Users and

Computers -> domain.local -> MyBusiness -> Users -> SBSUsers), go to Action -> New -> User.

Type in new user’s information.

Type in password and apply any password rules.

If they have Exchange 2003, choose whether they need an Exchange account.

If they have Exchange 2007 or later, you will have to add the email account through Exchange.

Important – Check spam filter in spam filter tab. Add user email account to spam filter.

Make sure the account can receive email through OWA.

Email or call main contact on completion.

Additional considerations: If you cannot login to OWA, check to be sure that the password is not set to change on next login.

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