Driver Detected a Controller Error – KB1039904


Description:  The controller that controls your hard drive – Storage event saying that it’s going bad

Common customer description: Hard drive is making a funny sound

Noticing errors in Event Viewer

Probing questions: Was this a recent occurrence?

Was there any recent power outages/surges/brownouts?

Steps to isolate: Check previous tickets

Check HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator

Check Event Viewer

Steps to resolve:

1. Like majority of all the alerts you will encounter, check HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator.

  • Is there any issues with the hard drives?

2. If not, check to make sure that the Firmware and the Driver are up-to-date — if they are out of date, it has been known to cause false alerts.

  • If they are out of date, install the latest firmware and/or driver

3. If there are no errors in HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator, check Event Viewer for errors.

  • HP System Management shows things as:
    • Server Agents
    • NIC Agents
    • Storage Agents
  • Dell Server Administrator shows things as:
    • Server Administrator

4. If you are finding errors, try using the command chkdsk [Drive Letter:] /f and schedule a reboot of the server with the customer’s approval.

5. If there are still errors reporting, call the customer and see if we can send an Onsite Technician out to troubleshoot this issue further since it’s showing a potential failure in the future.

Additional considerations: Remember to get approval from the customer when scheduling a reboot of their server. If we have to escalate the ticket, please get approval from Remote Maintenance Lead, Tier 2 or Tier 3.

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