Internet Explorer can’t install a .cab file – KB1039940


Description:  Internet Explorer can’t install a .cab file

Common customer description:

I can’t get (something) to display in Internet Explorer.
It keeps telling me I can’t install *.cab file when going to this website.

Probing questions:

Did it work before?
Was anything updated?
Did Java update or Internet Explorer?
Is this a new or different PC?

Steps to isolate: If the website pulls up, and it is only a certain portion that doesn’t display, double check the site is in Trusted Sites and has proper ActiveX permissions.  If these conditions are met move on to the next part.

Steps to resolve: Workstations that have strict domain policies can actually block ActiveX components from being installed.  These files are normally kept C:WindowsDownloaded Program Files.  To get around this just log onto the computer as a Local Admin.  This will provide the needed permissions to allow Internet Explorer to install the *.cab file there.

Additional considerations: The *.cab file that gets installed will be installed for all users of the computer.  Double check everything works after the ActiveX component is installed on both the Local Admin account and the users Domain account.

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