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How to create a Symantec AV installer KB10391964

How to make an installer to install Symantec AV when remote push fails.

Open the Symantec Console and login

Click “Home” then select “Install protection client to computers”  




Select “New Package Deployment” then “Next”




Accept the defaults on this page




Make sure to select “Save Package” then hit “next”




Specify the output location and hit “Next” and wait 




The blue bar will fill up, it takes 10 to 45 min, and it will tell you its done. Hit finish when you see the window below.



Please be sure to place the file in a share for IT use or on the desktop of the server. Label it correctly as well.

Transfer the installer to the client pc and install.




Internet Explorer can’t install a .cab file – KB1039940


Description:  Internet Explorer can’t install a .cab file

Common customer description:

I can’t get (something) to display in Internet Explorer.
It keeps telling me I can’t install *.cab file when going to this website.

Probing questions:

Did it work before?
Was anything updated?
Did Java update or Internet Explorer?
Is this a new or different PC?

Steps to isolate: If the website pulls up, and it is only a certain portion that doesn’t display, double check the site is in Trusted Sites and has proper ActiveX permissions.  If these conditions are met move on to the next part.

Steps to resolve: Workstations that have strict domain policies can actually block ActiveX components from being installed.  These files are normally kept C:WindowsDownloaded Program Files.  To get around this just log onto the computer as a Local Admin.  This will provide the needed permissions to allow Internet Explorer to install the *.cab file there.

Additional considerations: The *.cab file that gets installed will be installed for all users of the computer.  Double check everything works after the ActiveX component is installed on both the Local Admin account and the users Domain account.

Peachtree files to exclude from Anti-Virus scans – TrendMicro KB1039621


Description:  Peachtree files to exclude from Anti-Virus scans – TrendMicro

Common customer description:

TrendMicro is blocking PeachTree or is stopping PeachTree from working.
Sage 50 could not be started.
Company opens then closes.
Tax updates will not run.

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Is it affecting everyone?
Does TrendMicro pop up with any messages?

Steps to isolate:

Disable TrendMicro and see if the problem stops.

Steps to resolve: If you do discover that TrendMicro or another anti-virus software is stopping PeachTree from running or connecting to the server, here is a list of files to exclude from TrendMicro.

These are the files that need to be set to allow through the firewall and excluded from antivirus scans:

The ports to have open on the firewall are Ports 3351 & 1583

Additional considerations: If you need further assistance please consult a tier two.

Error 1934 – User installations are disabled via policy on the machine KB1039464


Description:  Error 1934 – User installations are disabled via policy on the machine

Common customer description: Can’t install this third party software I get error 1934

Probing questions:

Were you able to install software before?
When did this start?
Where is it trying to install to?

Steps to isolate:

Normally Group Policy governs this but if there are no policies setup and this is still an issue proceed to the next part.

Steps to resolve:

This error indicates that User Installs have been disabled via the DisableUserInstalls policy.

The value is set per machine in the following area of the registry, with a 1 indicating the policy is in effect and a 0 (or missing entry) indicating it is not:
Key: HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsInstaller
Value: DisableUserInstalls
Data: 1 (If it is set to a 1 then change it to a 0 and this should fix it)

Additional considerations:

Before you change the registry key have a Tier Two work with you to verify this actually needs to be changed.

Cannot print a PDF file KB1039435


Description:  Can’t print a PDF document

Common customer description:

I can’t print a PDF document.
I open the document and click on “Print” but it never prints.

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything changed or been updated?
Were you able to print PDF’s before?

Steps to isolate:

Check to see if the user can print another type of document like a Word Doc, Excel Worksheet, or even a notepad “Test” print.

Steps to resolve:

If the user can print all other file types and it appears that PDF’s print but never hit the printer queue it might be a security setting inside of Adobe Reader.

Simply open Adobe Reader, click on “Edit”, go down the drop down menu and click on “Preferences”, got to either “Security” or “Security Advanced” and uncheck “Open in Protected Mode at start up”. Close Adobe Reader, reopen Adobe Reader and double check that your settings have taken.  If the settings are correct after your changes try and print.  If it does not print consult a Tier Two.

Additional considerations: This appears to happen to Domain controlled workstations that have strict Group Policy rules.

3rd Party software not working KB103969


Description:  3rd Party App is not working

Common customer description:

“My _______ stopped working”

I Cannot Access ________ (QuickBooks)?

Probing questions: When did this start to happen? Is it just happening to you, or is it everyone in the office?  Are you experiencing other problems like accessing the internet or network resources? Has this happened before? If so, what do you usually do to take care of this?

Steps to isolate:  Connect to the user’s computer, have the user show you the steps they are taking when the problem occurs. Could be when the use a specific function of the app or when they try to print from the app. The first step is to determine if the rest of the PCs software/ hardware are functioning.

If trouble printing, can you print from other programs like Microsoft word?

When did this start to happen? –  Search for related tickets in the time frame. Did this happen after a software update?

Are you experiencing other problems like accessing the internet or network resources? If there are other problems like internet access or network resources this could be something other than a problem with the software itself.

Steps to resolve:  Our main responsibility is to eliminate the PC. If you come to the conclusion it is a problem with the software itself, it is best practice to contact the Software Vendor to resolve this issue. Contacting the Vendor will be Billable Work and will need approval from the main contact. You should Offer to contact the Vendor yourself, but keep the customer on the line- sometimes they need to verify customer info before talking to us.

Additional considerations:  If you have error messages, Google them and search forums to sometimes resolve the issue without contacting the 3rd party Vendor.