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Outlook always on top covering even new email KB103923


Description:  Outlook always on top covering even a new email

Common customer description:

“Outlook is always on top unless I minimize it.”
“I can’t see anything behind Outlook unless I minimize it.”

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything changed recently?
Were any updates or plugins added?

Steps to isolate:

Connect to computer.
Verify that Outlook covers everything.

Steps to resolve:

While in Outlook click on File, Options, Add-ins manage:COM Add-ins and Click on Go.

Then find MS Outlook Social Connector and uncheck mark it.

Click OK and close Outlook.

Reopen Outlook and problem should be solved.

Additional considerations:

The MS Outlook Social Connector add-on causes Outlook to be always at the very front in expectance that something new will be updated or arrive to easily make the user aware.