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CAL Licenses no longer installed KB103921


Description:  CAL Licenses no longer installed

Common customer description:

“Only 5 people can log into their computers at a time.”
“Only a few people can access email or shared folders at a time.”

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything change recently?
How is drive space on the server?

Steps to isolate:

Connect to the PDC server.
Check the drive space.
Check ticketing system to see if anyone recently cleaned the C: drive because it had filled up.

Steps to resolve:

To start with clean up the C: drive, make sure there is plenty of free space.

Then copy the file to the desktop.

Next, go to Admin Tools, click on License, click on Restore License, follow the prompts and find the in c:windowssystem32 folder and finish.

This will put the licenses back to the way they were before. Now if everything went well, just delete the file you saved to the desktop and done.

Additional considerations:

Cause: The server has very low or no C: space left.  If the server runs out of C: space and Windows tries to backup the CAL license database, it will stop and just default back to the original 5 licenses because there isn’t enough space for the backup file.