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How to Pair or Subscribe Your Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset to the Charging Base KB103998


How to Pair or Subscribe Your Plantronics CS55 Wireless Headset to the Charging Base.

The CS55 Plantronics wireless headset and charging base unit are originally subscribed or paired to each other. If your CS55 headset breaks or you loose it and a replacement headset is necessary, you will have to “re-subscribe” or “pair” the new CS55 headset to the base unit. This is a very simple process that takes only 2-3 minutes and no tools are required. You will first need to purchase the replacement CS55 headset. (Part number 72195-03 to order).Please be aware that if you have the CS55, you will need replacement headset model number 72195-03. Although the CS50 and CS55 headsets look the same, they are not interchangeable. The Subscription process is as follows:
Step 1
Return the CS55 headset to the headset base/charging cradle.


Step 2
On the back of the base unit, press and hold both of the microphone (talk) volume buttons (+ and -) for a minimum of 5 seconds. The red power indicator light on the front of the base will then start to flash, when it does, let the buttons go.


Step 3
Push in (down in the picture) and hold the black mute button for a minimum of 5 seconds (The mute button is located at the end of the headset).


The green light on the headset will then come on.

(Keep in mind that these 2 things need to be happening at the same time – red light flashing and green light illuminated on headset)


Successful re-subscription is indicated when the red power light stops flashing and is solid, and the light goes off on the headset.


Step 4
The last step is to unplug the AC power adapter for 5 seconds, then reconnect. You can do this by unplugging at the wall or the bottom of the base (as pictured).

Note: If re-subscription fails within 2 minutes the CS55 headset will return to the un-subscribed state. Try the re-subscription process again.

Setup email to Android phone – from an Exchange environment KB103988


Issue:  Setup email to Android phone (from an Exchange environment)

Common Description: “I need to have email setup on my Android phone.”

“My email stopped working on my phone.”

Probing questions:

What device is this going to? (this exercise is for Android phone only)

Gather info:

Email address. They will likely already have it.           

Password if they don’t already have it.                                  Password

Server. This will be their OWA address                        

Domain. Sometimes optional                                       

Username                                                                                 user

Login to OWA and check SSL cert to be sure it’s valid.

Is this a working email account?

Steps to isolate: These are based on probing questions above, what to do to verify that the issue is what we think it is. (Actions to take- send a test message from account to itself, to test inbound and outbound mail; Check SPAM filter settings; Check AD groups)

The customer will know that the issue is email on their phone.

Steps to resolve:  Billable time, requires approval.

From Home screen  go to Applications -> Settings -> Personal -> Accounts and Sync

Add account -> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Type the email address and password -> Next

Add the domain -> Next

If it fails you will have to Edit the details (there should be a popup with “Edit details” as an option)

Make sure the server name is correct.

Is the username the same as the email address?

Expired password?

If email stopped working on the device, often that issue is resolved by deleting and re-adding the account as well.

Additional considerations:

It is helpful to get the credentials and try this on a device of your own.