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Qwinsta and Rwinsta usage KB1039597

When you can’t login to a server because the error of ” The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections ”


From a different pc on the same network as the server run this command in admin command prompt:

Qwinsta -server (ip address of the pc) to check



this will show you who is remotely and locally logged into the server:

The ‘ user name ‘ , ‘ state ‘ and ‘ ID ‘ are the headings that we are concerned with here

We can use these to determine which account can be logged off remotely

Below we have an example of the general usage of the command used to boot the session

rwinsta -server (ip address) (session ID) to boot



What we need to do is take the information from the qwinsta output and substitute it in this line as shown in the example:

rwinsta -server 1

This will boot the user with the session ID of 1 and thus open up a spot that we can then RDP to the server