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Windows Server 2012 Windows Update Issue – KB10391119


Description:  Windows Server 2012 rebooting at random times after installing updates for maintenance

Steps to resolve:

1. When you are done performing maintenance on the server, log off the server and log back on the server with the administrator credentials

2. Go to Windows Updates

3. On the Windows Updates page, go to change settings


4. Then on the drop down menu, select Never Check for Updates

never check

5. Click Apply and then Ok

**If the settings are grayed out, most likely they have a Group Policy in place. If that’s the case, we do not make any changes to the Group Policy. Leave the service on automatic and log out of the server when you are done.

Additional considerations: We cannot guarantee that the server won’t reboot later that day after you install updates but the fix will not let the server check for updates until we go in and check for it ourselves.