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How to Navigate through Acronis Backup – KB10391819


Description:  How to navigate through Acronis Backups

Steps to navigate:

1. When you connect to the Acronis program, you will get to this screen by default


2. In order to see the backup jobs, you have to double-click the Local machine on the left hand pane


3. The screen will show recent activities of the backup jobs

Backup Jobs activity

4. To check the logs to make sure they are working, on the left hand pane, click on Log


5. Now the Log will be on Activities for the Display and For last 24 hours

Default Log

6. To see the full log, switch the display to Events and the time period to For last three months

Log Change

  • Look for any Low Disk errors or missing drive errors. The most common will be low disk or the vault location is missing (the location on the backup)
  • If they are swapping drives, you will find a section that will fail then successful

7. The Vaults pane is where the backups are basically going. To figure out where the backups are going, go to Vaults>>Personal


8. If there are errors where the drive is missing or it seems the vault is missing, the backup task can tell you what’s going on. Go to Backup plans and tasks.

Backup plan

  •  Right-click on the backup job, press Details


  • Click the “Where to back up” tab, this will tell you where its backing up and what the name of the backup is

Where to backup

  • Use this information to see if the vault is missing (location of the backup)

Additional considerations: These are the basic information that you need to know for Acronis.