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Backup Exec Cannot Write to the Disks – KB10391228


Description:  Backup Exec shows the job as Missed without errors or warnings

Common customer description: Backups have started to fail or show as Missed

Probing questions: When did this issue happen?

Was there a recent change to Backup Exec? A recent install?

Steps to isolate: Check Previous tickets

If nothing indicates a change or install, call the customer about it

Check Backup Exec Storage Tab

Steps to resolve:

1. Determine if they have Backup Monitoring (This should always be the first step)

  • Backup Monitoring = Not billable
  • No Backup Monitoring = Billable (need approval first)

2. Check to see if there are any tickets for backups recently (any installs, changes, past job failures/cancellations)

3. Connect to the server

4. Open Backup Exec and check on the Job Log for details

  • The job log might be vague for this issue

5. If the backups are showing as missed, check the Storage Tab and/or Devices Tab

6. If there is a pencil with a line through it – that means that the disk and/or folder has read-only permissions

Read only

7. Rick-Click on the disk/folder and say details

Right click details

Alternative way is to click the details button on the right hand side


8. In the center pane, look for “Limit Backup Exec to read-only operations”


9. You want to change the selection from Yes to No

10. The change will happen right away and when it works the drive will look like this


11. Re-run the backups to make sure this worked. If you can’t re-run the backups, let them run on the normal schedule that’s listed

12. Monitor the backups for about a week. We want to make sure that the backups can consistently run successfully and/or complete with exceptions (exceptions can be for many reasons) during that week. If the backups fail within that week period, work on the backups again and continue to monitor the backups for another week (again we need to have a week of consistent successful backups)

13. If the backups completed successful for a week, you can close the ticket

  • If you billed the customer for the changes (no backup monitoring), put the ticket to “To Be Billed” instead of “Closed”

Additional considerations: If the backups still fail/cancel/miss, check to make sure that the drive is online and not on read-only. Make sure no backup jobs are in queue and restart the Backup Exec services.

If it’s still not working,  run chkdsk on the drive to determine that the drive isn’t having an issue. Call Symantec (888-780-7962, Press 2 then Press 1) and have them look over it with you.

Windows Server 2012 Windows Update Issue – KB10391119


Description:  Windows Server 2012 rebooting at random times after installing updates for maintenance

Steps to resolve:

1. When you are done performing maintenance on the server, log off the server and log back on the server with the administrator credentials

2. Go to Windows Updates

3. On the Windows Updates page, go to change settings


4. Then on the drop down menu, select Never Check for Updates

never check

5. Click Apply and then Ok

**If the settings are grayed out, most likely they have a Group Policy in place. If that’s the case, we do not make any changes to the Group Policy. Leave the service on automatic and log out of the server when you are done.

Additional considerations: We cannot guarantee that the server won’t reboot later that day after you install updates but the fix will not let the server check for updates until we go in and check for it ourselves.