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NTFS Errors: Event ID 55 – KB10391728

Description:  Found NTFS errors in the Event Viewer while performing maintenance

NTFS errors are caused by one of the two things: The disk might have bad sectors or I/O requests issued by the file system to the disk subsystem might not have been completed successfully

Common customer description: Computer seems slow or is telling me that it’s corrupted

Probing questions: Is this a recent occurrence?

Steps to isolate: Check Event Viewer for Event ID 55

Determine which drive the issue is located on

Steps to resolve:

1. Open the Command Prompt as Administrator

2. Run chkntfs on the bad drive

  • chkntfs checks the file system to see if there are any “dirty” bits
  • If the status come back “[Drive] is dirty” or even “[Drive] is clean, go to step 3

3. Run the read-only chkdsk (chkdsk [Drive Letter:]) to make sure in fact that the drive is having an issue

  • chkdsk verifies the file system integrity of a volume and fixes logical file system errors
  • If the chkdsk (drive Letter) comes back with an error, run the chkdsk /f command

4. Call the customer to see when we can reboot their server so the chkdsk can run

5. After the reboot happens, watch the Event Viewer for a couple of days to see if the Event ID 55 comes back.

  • If it doesn’t, you can close the ticket
  • If it does, try running the command chkdsk /r

6. Open command prompt as administrator

7. Run the command chkdsk /r

  • What that does is it locates bad sectors and recovers readable information by checking the entire disk surface for bad sectors and attempt to repair or work around any that it finds, if it can

8. Again you might need to reboot the computer again

9. Repeat Step 7 and watch to see if the NTFS errors come back