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How to Navigate through Crash Plan Pro Backup Program – KB10391851


Description: How to navigate through Crash Plan Pro


1. Connect to the server

2. Locate Crash Plan Pro

3. Crash Plan Pro has two parts to it: Desktop application and a backup engine that is always working

  • When you go to the desktop, there will not be a shortcut. Crash Plan Pro puts the application on the task tray.
  • This will be the icon: Crash icon

4. To access the application, right click on the icon and say Show Application…

Save Application

5. It will put you to the main page which would be the Backup Tab


  • Backup Tab will tell you the destination of where the backup is going to. Could be online, a local disk or an external drive


6. To check the logs of the jobs, go to the History tab


  • History will start from the newest “logs” on the bottom and the oldest “logs” on top
    • If you need more detailed history, go to C:ProgramDataCrashPlanloghistory.log. This will tell you if there were “X” amount of files that couldn’t be backed up and when the service started and stopped.

7. If you find any errors, make a ticket with any information that you can find. The detailed you are about it, the easier it will be to figure out.

In the ticket, include:

  • Name of the server the backup program is on
  • Any error messages or codes
  • Brief explanation of the issue (if no error messages or codes are found)

If they don’t have backup monitoring, call the customer and see if we can get approval to work on the backup

If they have backup monitoring, work on the backup at the earliest convenience or pass the ticket to the appropriate tech to have them work on this issue right away.

Additional considerations: If the Backup Engine keeps getting disconnected or says “unable to connect to the backup engine,” check to see if the server is a Windows Server Essentials, Windows Small Business Server, or a Windows Home Server. If it is, CrashPlan will not function correctly because it’s not supported.