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Log File is Damaged – KB10392001


Description:  Received an alert that a log file is damaged for exchange

Windows Event Log: Application
Windows Event Source: ESE
Windows Event ID: 440
Windows Event Severity: Error
Windows Event Message: eseutil (10056) JetDBUtilities – 11056: The log file C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14MailboxMailbox Database 1013801047E00.log is damaged, invalid, or inaccessible (error -501) and cannot be used. If this log file is required for recovery, a good copy of the log file will be needed for recovery to complete successfully.

Steps to resolve:┬áThere isn’t much to do about this alert. If it’s important and they need it, you will have to restore the file from a good backup copy.

If this happens a lot, use the troubleshooting and diagnostic tools on the exchange database to check the health of it.