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Release deferred emails in Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall 300 – KB10391570


Description:  Client has recently had a problem with Exchange and mail stopped flowing.  The Barracuda 300 will store the emails until the Exchange server is back up and running.

Common customer description: Our Exchange server stopped flowing mail and that has been resolved but we are missing emails during the time the Exchange server was down.

Probing questions: Check to see if the client uses a Barracuda Spam Filter system.

Steps to isolate: If the client does use a Barracuda Spam filter system and it is the 300 model, listed below are the steps to release the deferred emails.

Steps to resolve:

1: Log into the Barracuda 300 unit (this will be a local device) by typing in its IP address into a web browser with https:// at the beginning.

2: Click in the Advanced tab along the top menu bar.

3: Click on Queue Management.

4: You should now see emails listed as deferred.  Click on the “Tools” drop down menu just below the search box.

5: Next mouse over “Message Actions” then click on “Requeue All”.

Once that is completed a green bar just above the search box should state something to the affect of the emails have all been placed back into the queue.

Additional considerations: Please note that the more emails that are stuck in the queue the longer it will take to process them.  The Barracuda 300 model holds all emails and once placed back in sending status it checks them for spam.  So if the client had 300 deferred emails there is a good chance some of them are spam or unwanted in some fashion.