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Error 1934 – User installations are disabled via policy on the machine KB1039464


Description:  Error 1934 РUser installations are disabled via policy on the machine

Common customer description:¬†Can’t install this third party software I get error 1934

Probing questions:

Were you able to install software before?
When did this start?
Where is it trying to install to?

Steps to isolate:

Normally Group Policy governs this but if there are no policies setup and this is still an issue proceed to the next part.

Steps to resolve:

This error indicates that User Installs have been disabled via the DisableUserInstalls policy.

The value is set per machine in the following area of the registry, with a 1 indicating the policy is in effect and a 0 (or missing entry) indicating it is not:
Key: HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsInstaller
Value: DisableUserInstalls
Data: 1 (If it is set to a 1 then change it to a 0 and this should fix it)

Additional considerations:

Before you change the registry key have a Tier Two work with you to verify this actually needs to be changed.