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Driver Detected a Controller Error – KB1039904


Description:  The controller that controls your hard drive – Storage event saying that it’s going bad

Common customer description: Hard drive is making a funny sound

Noticing errors in Event Viewer

Probing questions: Was this a recent occurrence?

Was there any recent power outages/surges/brownouts?

Steps to isolate: Check previous tickets

Check HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator

Check Event Viewer

Steps to resolve:

1. Like majority of all the alerts you will encounter, check HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator.

  • Is there any issues with the hard drives?

2. If not, check to make sure that the Firmware and the Driver are up-to-date — if they are out of date, it has been known to cause false alerts.

  • If they are out of date, install the latest firmware and/or driver

3. If there are no errors in HP System Management or Dell Server Administrator, check Event Viewer for errors.

  • HP System Management shows things as:
    • Server Agents
    • NIC Agents
    • Storage Agents
  • Dell Server Administrator shows things as:
    • Server Administrator

4. If you are finding errors, try using the command chkdsk [Drive Letter:] /f and schedule a reboot of the server with the customer’s approval.

5. If there are still errors reporting, call the customer and see if we can send an Onsite Technician out to troubleshoot this issue further since it’s showing a potential failure in the future.

Additional considerations: Remember to get approval from the customer when scheduling a reboot of their server. If we have to escalate the ticket, please get approval from Remote Maintenance Lead, Tier 2 or Tier 3.

Cannot send or receive email – Exchange – Low Disc space KB103929


Issue:  Cannot send or Receive Email – Low drive space on server

Common customer description:

We have not received email since yesterday

A customer emailed me, and I didn’t get the email.

Email messages are coming in delayed.

We can’t send email.

Probing questions:

When did this start to happen? Is it just you or everyone in the office? Have you tried accessing email on another computer or cell phone?

Can you access the internet?

Are you getting any bounce backs?

If you find email is down for everyone and they do not have exchange monitoring on contract this is now billable work, and needs to be approved by main contact. If main contact is not available ask a Tier 2 for instructions.

Steps to isolate:  Connect to users computer check to see if outlook is connected to exchange send test messages to yourself from yourself. This tests outgoing and incoming mail flow.

Look over bounce backs if any are available. Read closely for details of the issue.

Check to see if email is hosted onsite on their exchange server or if it is through a 3rd party.

Log into OWA and send test messages if you do not receive any login to server.  If no messages, log in to the server and check the drive space on the C: drive and also the drive with the exchange database.

If you confirm c: space is low this is more than likely what the problem is. If drive space is normal you would need to continue troubleshooting.

Steps to resolve:

Use basic space clearing steps.

Use Tree size utility. Look for log files or databases that could be moved. Escalate to Tier 2 if needed.

Additional considerations:  If the problem cannot be isolated within 15 minutes ask a team lead.

Drive c: needs 10 GB of free space (recommended).

The drive with the database needs to have 10% free space as well.

CAL Licenses no longer installed KB103921


Description:  CAL Licenses no longer installed

Common customer description:

“Only 5 people can log into their computers at a time.”
“Only a few people can access email or shared folders at a time.”

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything change recently?
How is drive space on the server?

Steps to isolate:

Connect to the PDC server.
Check the drive space.
Check ticketing system to see if anyone recently cleaned the C: drive because it had filled up.

Steps to resolve:

To start with clean up the C: drive, make sure there is plenty of free space.

Then copy the c:windowssystem32licstr.cpa file to the desktop.

Next, go to Admin Tools, click on License, click on Restore License, follow the prompts and find the autolicstr.cpa in c:windowssystem32 folder and finish.

This will put the licenses back to the way they were before. Now if everything went well, just delete the file you saved to the desktop and done.

Additional considerations:

Cause: The server has very low or no C: space left.  If the server runs out of C: space and Windows tries to backup the CAL license database, it will stop and just default back to the original 5 licenses because there isn’t enough space for the backup file.