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Printer driver differences – KB10391653


Below is explained the differences between PCL5, PCL5e, PCL6, and PS (Post Script) printer drivers. Please try and use PCL5 or PCL5e first unless instructed otherwise.

PCL5/PCL5e (the latter being an extended version) is an escape-based language, using an ASCII representation, but is relatively unstructured (although quite powerful); so you can edit a PCL5 print stream relatively easily.  PCL5 and PCL5e are less restrictive and more accepted across multiple windows platforms.

PCL6 (aka PCL XL) is a completely different language, uses a binary representation, and is much more structured; for these reasons, it is much more difficult to edit a PCL6 print stream. PCL XL has a closer relationship to the GDI used within Windows than does PCL5; most PCL6 drivers now offer more features than their PCL5 equivalents.  However, PCL6 is not compatible with every version of Windows including the differences between 32bit and 64bit versions.

PostScript (PS) is a computer language for creating vector graphics. It is a dynamically typed, concatenative programming language. Simply put, it prints large format jobs as well as rich text. Generally not used for standard sized documents.

So by general rule you should install PCL5 or PCL5e first unless there is a specific need for PCL6 or PS (Post Script).  Example: Post Script should be used when dealing with a large printer (paper size 18 inches at its smallest side or larger) including plotter printers.

TWAIN Drivers are specific to scanning only.

TWAIN is a widely-used program that lets you scan an image (using a scanner ) directly into the application (such as PhotoShop) where you want to work with the image. Without TWAIN, you would have to close an application that was open, open a special application to receive the image, and then move the image to the application where you wanted to work with it. The TWAIN driver runs between an application and the scanner hardware. TWAIN usually comes as part of the software package you get when you buy a scanner. It’s also integrated into PhotoShop and similar image manipulation programs.

Konica / Ricoh printers don’t print and produce no errors – KB10391460


Description:  Client has a Konica or Ricoh printer that acts as if it prints fine but nothing ever prints out.

Common customer description:

Printer doesn’t print.
Installed a new printer and it doesn’t print.

Probing questions:

Did it print before?
When did it stop printing?
If just installed did the printer work after installation?

Steps to isolate:

One of the most common problems is after the completed installation the print job seems to work but nothing ever prints. This is usually because there is an authentication code that is needed but was never entered. With Ricoh and Konica there are multiple locations that the authentication code can be entered. Best practice is to examine a working computer and see where the auth code is entered.  Most users will know their auth code but if they don’t you normally can still find it in the web interface. And of course, Ricoh and Konica have a few places where that information is stored. You will need to dig around looking for an Address Book of some sort. The codes are normally 4 digits but can be as many as 16. Sometimes, each user has their own auth code and sometimes groups all use the same auth code. It all boils down to how their lease was written but that’s information we almost never need to know.

Steps to resolve:

Open the “Printer Properties” of the printer, click on the “General” tab and click on “Preferences”. This is generally the area where the auto code is placed.  Listed below are exact directions for a Konica Minolta C224e printer.  Please note not all Konica’s follow this exact same procedure.


How to install Konica Minolta C224e printer and be able to print

1: Install the driver from the (location of the installer)
2: Run either “Setup.exe” for 32 bit OS or “Setup64.exe” for 64 bit OS
3: Follow the prompts and it will locate the printer you want
4: Once install is finished go into Devices and Printers
5: Right mouse click on Konica Minolta C224e printer
6: Left mouse click on “Printer Properties”
7: Left mouse click on the “Configure Tab”
8: In the Device Option box scroll down to “Account Track” and left mouse click on it
9: Once it is selected the drop down menu below the Device Option box should be set to disable, change that to enable
10: Left mouse click “Apply”
11: Left mouse click on the “General” tab and left mouse click on the “Preferences” button at the bottom
12: A new window will pop open so left mouse click on the “Basic” tab and then left click on “Authentication/Account Track” button on the right side
13: Type in the users 4 digit number in the Password box and click “OK”
14: You will now be back to the Printer Preferences window so just left mouse click “Apply” and “OK”
15: Now you will be back at the Printer Properties window, left mouse click “Print Test Page”

Additional considerations:

The reason behind the authentication code is because the leasing company needs to track how many print jobs are being done.  Most leases have a limited amount of prints allowed and the company leasing the printer will need to pay extra if they go above that amount.  Never turn the tracking or authentication system off, even for testing purposes. Turning it off deletes all the saved data that the leasing company uses.