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Understanding QNAP NetBak Replicator Backup – KB10391883


Description:  QNAP NetBak Replicator is a confusing and tricky backup program, probably the most confusing backup program that you will encounter while performing maintenance or in the helpdesk.

Understanding NetBak Replicator: The QNAP NetBak Replicator depending on the version, is a very basic program.

QNAP program


1. When you open up the program, the default will always be the backup tab (shown above) You can make changes to the job selections here. Just don’t forget to save the changes when you are done. It will look similar to this: Save

2. Click on the Log Tab. It will look similar to this:


Interesting thing about these logs is that they can be very misleading.

For starters, the blue font means good or successful. It also will tell you other information such as the program starting or stopping and when the next time the job is supposed to run.

The red font means cancel or failed. Now when you look at this log, there are 5 failed to “back up the file” logs. Generally, certain backup programs will either fail the job because of that or treat it as “completed with exceptions” meaning the backup job completed but those files were skipped. NetBak Replicator treats those as completed with exceptions. It looks like the backup job has errors or failed but in fact, it completed. This is the clue: Backup operation completed.

  • It’s assumed so far that if the backup did in fact fail, it should say Backup operation failed or Backup operation cancelled by user in a red font (shown above).

3. To find where they are backing up to, on the top it will say the folder or server:

Backup location

In this example, they are using a QNAP NAS device to store the backups.

4. Keep in mind, NetBak Replicator mimics or clones the drive, files or folders that they are backing up.

When the program backs up, it will make a separate folder for the drives:


This is what you have to be paying attention too. These modified dates is when they were last backed up.

  • Now this can be confusing for this part because Disk E looks like it was modified last month. If you click inside Disk E, you will noticed that there was folders that did get modified.


  • If you go by what Disk C looks like (shown below), you would think that it’s not backing up. Remember, NetBak Replicator replicates or clones the drive, files or folders that they are backing up.

Disk C

5. We can say that the backups are completing (not failing).