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Exchange Average Delivery Time – KB10391837


Description:  Received an alert that the customer’s email is taking a long time to get to them

Common customer description: My mail is taking a long time to send or receive

Probing questions: Is this a common issue?

Is this a recent thing that has been happening?

Is there a lot of people using mail?

Steps to isolate: Send test email to yourself

Check inbound/outbound queues

Steps to resolve:

1. Check the alert, see how long it says the time that it’s taking to deliver

2. Log onto the Customer’s OWA with IE, Chrome, or Firefox on your computer or connect to the server and log onto the OWA from there

3. Send a test email to yourself (your email address)

4. See how long it takes before you receive that email

5. You can also run some diagnostics to see if everything is okay

Additional considerations: This could be an issue with the Exchange database or some setting with Exchange.