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Cannot print a PDF file KB1039435


Description:  Can’t print a PDF document

Common customer description:

I can’t print a PDF document.
I open the document and click on “Print” but it never prints.

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything changed or been updated?
Were you able to print PDF’s before?

Steps to isolate:

Check to see if the user can print another type of document like a Word Doc, Excel Worksheet, or even a notepad “Test” print.

Steps to resolve:

If the user can print all other file types and it appears that PDF’s print but never hit the printer queue it might be a security setting inside of Adobe Reader.

Simply open Adobe Reader, click on “Edit”, go down the drop down menu and click on “Preferences”, got to either “Security” or “Security Advanced” and uncheck “Open in Protected Mode at start up”. Close Adobe Reader, reopen Adobe Reader and double check that your settings have taken.  If the settings are correct after your changes try and print.  If it does not print consult a Tier Two.

Additional considerations: This appears to happen to Domain controlled workstations that have strict Group Policy rules.