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Mac PPTP Setup KB1039236



Mac OS systems are able to connect to the PPTP VPN client quite easily and is built into the Operating system natively.  To do this follow these instructions:

1. Find the information to connect

2. Creating a new connection

3. Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner:


4. In the menu, select System Preferences:


5. The System Preferences console will open, this is basically control panel for Macs. Open up Network:

6.Once the Network console is open You will need to hit the + button in the bottom left corner:


7. Once here you will need to go into the drop down for Interface and select VPN:


8. After VPN is selected, you will need to select the VPN Type, in the drop down select PPTP. Name your VPN and select Create:


9. At this point you will be presented with 2 fields, Server Address and Account Name. The server Address is where you put in the external IP of the Firewall, and the Username is usually the Active Directory information, or it might be local users on the firewall. This information is from Step 2. It should look like this:

10. After filling out the information select Authentication Settings. Make sure that Password is selected and enter the Password. Click OK:
11. Attempt connection.

12. Click connect.

13. Enter username and password if it prompts you again.

14. You should now be connected. Depending on how the client would like to use their VPN, we may need to set up an RDP connection, mapped drives, Outlook, etc.