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Logging into RDP session and it crashes forcing you to close the session KB1039618


Description:  Logging into RDP session and it crashes forcing you to close the session

Common customer description:

“When I open my remote desktop connection it logs in then when I see the desktop it crashes.”
“I can’t remote into the server, it starts but then crashes.”

Probing questions:

When did this start?
Has anything changed recently?
Were any updates or plugins added?
Were any printers added or removed?

Steps to isolate:

Connect to computer.
Open the RDP session and see how it crashes.
Do you have the same problem if you try another user?  If so try the steps below.

Steps to resolve:

For a simple test, edit the RDP connection and uncheck the printers box.
If you can successfully login there is a problem with the printers on the local workstation.
Go through each printer and make sure it is not corrupt or offline for any reason.
Repair or remove the printer(s) that cause the problem.
Once that is taken care of re-check the printers box in the RDP settings and it should now work.

Additional considerations:

When using an RDP connection with the printers box check marked the session allows for local printing.  If a driver has become corrupt or the printer is no longer available or valid the session cannot properly load the drivers.  This causes the session to crash shortly after reaching the desktop.