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Print Spooler Service keeps stopping – KB1039981


Description:  Print Spooler Service keeps stopping.

Common customer description: Need a new printer installed.

Probing questions:

Have you ever printed to this printer before?
Is this a new printer to everyone?

Steps to isolate: If the Print Spooler Service keeps stopping or restarting there is a good chance an incompatible driver is installed.  Look at all their printers and verify that the model numbers are correct.  If one or more are not correct you will need to remove them.

Steps to resolve: Once you have cleared out the incompatible drivers you will need to install the correct drivers.  Find out the exact model of printer and then locate the printers on the Manufactures website for that exact model for their version of Windows.

Additional considerations: Keep in mind that not all 64bit OS’s need to use 64bit printer drivers but all 32bit OS’s will use 32bit printer drivers.