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Scan To Email – Exchange With TLS Authentication KB10391615


Create a new Active Directory account With a Mailbox (Example Scanner@domain.com).

Set Password to not expire.

Open up Exchange Management Console.

Create New Receive Connector With the following settings:

Enter the IP address of the scanner (In this example






Log into Scanner / multi-function device.



Navigate to the email or SMTP settings.

Enter IP of exchange server

Port 25


Enable SMTP authentication

Enter email address

Enter user account

Enter Password


Set up an Exchange 2003 SMTP Relay to allow Scan to Email on a scanner KB1039385


Description:  Set up an Exchange 2003 SMTP Relay to allow Scan to Email on a scanner.

Common customer description: “I need to set up scan to email on my scanner”

“When I send an email from my scanner, it brings up an error”

Probing questions: Has this been set up previously?

Does the scanner show a specific SMTP error or delivery error?

Is the scanner still accessible on the network?

Steps to isolate: Check the configuration on the scanner via the devices Web Console. This can normally be done by navigating to the device through a Web Browser and connecting to the devices ip address. There should be an Email section somewhere after you’ve logged in to the device. Make sure this is set to send mail through the exchange server through either “smtp.domain.com” or their OWA’s FQDN “mail.domain.com” on port 25. Confirm whether authentication is required and that the account, if there is one, has the correct password. 

Steps to resolve: If the scanner is confirmed to be using exchange to send mail, we will need to log in to the exchange server and open the System Attendant> Servers> Protocols > SMTP >  and Open the properties of the SMTP Virtual Server listed. After navigating to the Access tab, you can add the Scanners ip address to the Connection and Relay options listed.




These lists should include any other devices on the network that would send mail (Scanners, Printers, Fax) along with the Servers IP.

Additional considerations: If this does not correct the issue, make sure there are no external sources blocking port 25 internally. A router/firewall could possibly block port 25 on the network. Otherwise escalate to a tier 2 technician.

Note to be careful on which ip’s are set up for the open relay. If you leave the relay portion wide open it could cause a blacklist or smtp relay to fill the exchange queue.