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How to check Trend Micro Seats/Licensing – KB10391778


How to check Trend Micro Cloud Seats

We need the website credentials to enter in here   https://tm.login.trendmicro.com


Un check the “Remember Me” box before hitting the Sign button



Click the “Open console” button



Click the “License Status” drop down button


Here you will see the “Seats Purchased” and “Seats In Use

You will also see next to the word “License Status” a color indicating the status. It works just like a traffic light.

If the status is anything but green or “Seats Purchased” has a smaller number than “Seats In Use” they may need more seats

If the “License Status” is red you will not be able to activate Trend

How to check Trend Micro Server Seats

Log in to the server.

Click “Start” “All Programs” “Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Server” “Worry-Free Business Security


You will get this page in a web browser


Go ahead and click “Continue to this website (not recommended)

Which brings you here where you can enter the password (usually the number 1 or the word ‘trend’ )


After you login go to Preferences Product Licenses



Click on “Product License



Here you will see the status, usage and expiration

You will also see a button with a color indicating the status. It works just like a traffic light.

If the status is anything but green or the text indicates a over usage of seats they may need to purchase more seats.

If the button is red you will not be able to activate Trend

Backup Exec Job Cancellation: The job was canceled by user – KB10391026


Description:  Received a Backup Cancellation alert that the backup job was cancelled by user _____    — Job was taking longer than normal

Common customer description:

My Backups have been failing
I received a backup cancel email

Probing questions:

Was there anyone working on the server?
Was anyone at the customer’s location working on it internally?

Steps to isolate:

Check previous tickets
Check Backup Job Log

Steps to resolve:

1. Determine if they have Backup Monitoring (This should always be the first step)

  • Backup Monitoring = Not billable
  • No Backup Monitoring = Billable (need approval first)

2. Check previous tickets to see if any helpdesk, onsite technicians, Tier 2 techs, or Tier 3 is currently working on any issues

3. If you can’t find anything, normally these generally come from the customer cancelling the job because the backup job was taking too long than it normally would

  • Check the backup Job Log to make sure

4. Make a note of that in the ticket and let the job run on it’s normal schedule

5. Monitor the backups for about a week. We want to make sure that the backups can consistently run successfully and/or complete with exceptions (exceptions can be for many reasons) during that week. If the backups fail within that week period, work on the backups again and continue to monitor the backups for another week (again we need to have a week of consistent successful backups)

6. If the backups completed successful for a week, you can close the ticket (If you had to bill them, put the ticket to “To Be Billed” instead of closed)

Additional considerations: If this is a repeated issue, consult with a Tier 2 tech or call Symantec at 1-888-780-7962 (Press 2 then Press 1)