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Windows Network Discovery won’t stay on KB1039350


Description:  Windows Network Discovery won’t stay on

Common customer description:

“Cannot view computers on the network even after we try turning on Network Discovery.”

Probing questions:

When did this start happening?
Is it just you or everyone?
Any changes made lately?
Any odd pop-ups or “weird” activity on the computer that isn’t there normally?

Steps to isolate:

Remotely connect to computer.
Check the Windows Firewall Advanced settings inbound and outbound port settings.  Are they all listed?

Steps to resolve:

If the customers computer has been or is infected the infection very well could have removed much needed default firewall port settings.  Under the “Group” heading you should have “Network Discovery” among several others.  If it is missing it needs to be repaired.  Click on Restore Default Policy.


If you receive an Error 3 or Error 5 you will need to run ServicesRepair.exe from ESET.  This tool restores the default settings and replaces the missing port rules.  After it has finished it will ask to reboot the computer.  After the reboot everything should now be back in working order.  Test by turning on “Network Discovery” and also check Windows Firewall Advanced Settings to see if the rules have returned.  If all is as it should be you are finished.  If still not working consult a Tier 2.

Additional considerations: