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Firewall Down Alert – KB1039851


Description:  Alert that the customer’s Firewall is reporting down

Common customer description: I can’t connect to the servers

We have no internet

Probing questions: Did someone recently reboot the firewall device?

Was there a power outage?

Steps to isolate: Log into the firewall portal to verify that it went down

Steps to resolve:

1. Check the Networking Tab to find their Firewall device

Firewall - Network Device

2. Connect to the OM or their server and ping the firewall device

ping firewall

3. If your not able to ping the device, the firewall is down. Call the customer to see why it’s down

4. If you are able to ping the device, connect to the firewall’s web console

able to ping - firewall

Steps on Connecting the the Firewall Web Console

1. Find the firewall’s IP Address in the Networking Tab

Firewall - Network Device

2. Connect to the OM or their server and type the IP address in IE, Chrome, or Firefox

Web firewall

3. Enter the username and password for the firewall device under the Networking Tab

firewall login

4. If the device was rebooted recently, call the customer to see if they rebooted the device

Uptime for sonicwall


Additional considerations: If the customer doesn’t know why the firewall went down or why it was rebooted, say that we will monitor this issue to see if it comes down again. If it does go down again, follow the same steps above and then call the customer again, if again they don’t know, consult with a Tier 2 tech.