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WordPress WP-EMAIL-SMTP plugin setting for Office 365 – KB10392186


To get a WordPress website to be able to email through Office 365 use the WP-EMAIL-SMTP plugin and use the following settings.

SMTP Host: smtp.office365.com
Type of Encryption: TLS
SMTP Port: 587
Use Authentication: YES

Username: (the email address you are sending from)
Password: email accounts password

Link to the plugin: wp-mail-smtp

How to create a shortcut to a website using Internet Explorer – KB10391484


This will be useful in cases where the client needs to use Internet Explorer to run a web app but normally uses a different browser.

To get this going first you need to create a IE shortcut on the desktop.

(obviously there are other ways to get the shortcut but this is the foolproof way if you can’t find it or are having trouble with getting one)

1. Run IE

2. Open task manager and find the IE process

3. right click on it and select ‘open file location



4. From there you will get an explorer window that pops up



5. Right click on iexplore.exe , got Send to and select Send to Desktop

6. Go to the desktop, right click on the IE shortcut and select Properties


7. You will get a window like this. Copy the Target path to a notepad


8. Append the Target path with the website address. Be sure to put a space between the Target and website. Also the website needs double quotes around it. Copy / paste it into the Target box of the shortcut


“C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” “http://www.domain-name.com”

9. Hit OK then click on the Shortcut and it should open the site. At this point you can also rename or change the shortcuts icon.


Website isn’t loading internally but is externally KB1039347


Description:   My Website isn’t loading internally but is externally

Common customer description:  We recently changed Web Host providers and ever since then we haven’t been able to load the website inside of our network but we can from at home.

Probing questions:  When did this start happening?

How many people are affected?

What is the URL of the website?

Do you know the IP address it’s supposed to resolve to?

Are you able to get to the site externally (outside of the network)?

Steps to isolate:  If it’s able to be resolved externally but not inside of the network, this is most likely because of internal DNS needs to be either setup properly or server cache needs to be cleaned out.  Here are some steps to isolate the problem:

-Ping the URL of the website both internally and externally

-Try to load the website from both inside and outside of the network

-If you load the correct website outside of the network, external DNS is properly configured and the cause is internal DNS

Steps to resolve:  At this point we should have the IP address that is being resolved to both internally and externally, also should have the URL.  To start to resolve this you’ll need to do the following*:

* This is only an example using the sub-domain WWW. Depending on which sub-domain they need adjusted will be the A record you need to adjust. If they cannot get to domain-name.com internally, but www.domain-name.com works, the A record you need to change will be (Same as parent folder).

  1. Log into the server that is hosting their internal DNS
  2. There should be a forward lookup zone for the domain of the URL
  3. Once inside of the lookup zone, there should be an A record for WWW. This record should have the old IP address of the old website, change this to the new IP address.
  4. Also, there should be a Start of Authority record that has the old IP address, change this to the new IP address
  5. After these changes are done, right click on the Server Name and select Clear Cache
  6. Will also need to do the following commands on the server: IPconfig /flushdns after this command is done run this command:  IPconfig /registerdns
  7. Once this is complete should be able to load the website on the server and will take some time to propagate through the network