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Cybercrime takes on many forms, but one of the long-standing tactics attackers use is web defacement – the process of compromising and vandalizing a website. Typically, these attackers – known as web defacers – replace the original page with their own version, boldly stating a political or social message. This is not a new phenomenon, but it is an enduring one. The data we’ve analyzed goes back almost two decades, and we’ve seen how the process of web defacement is still being used nowadays.

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Understanding Motivations and Methods of Web Defacement

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Bell Canada has started informing customers that their personal data has been compromised in a breach that reportedly affects up to 100,000 individuals.

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List of Latest threats - PANDA SECURITY

Collective Intelligence Monitor Virus activity recorded by Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence servers.

It is a critical vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service on Windows 2008/7/Vista/2003/XP computers, which allows hackers to gain remote control of the affected computer with the same...

Thanks to Collective Intelligence, Panda's exclusive cloud-computing technology, the company's 2010 solutions leverage the knowledge gathered from the community of millions of Panda users around the world. Each new file received is automatically classified within six minutes and the Collective Intelligence servers classify more than 50,000 new malware samples every day. These technologies correlate information on malware received from each computer to continuously improve the protection level for the worldwide community of users.

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